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Jennifer Lowe-Brewer

Jen- Senior Cat Herder, Crit Racer, and Liv Ambassador

With Heather Jordan- leading the group out for
the Rising From Ashes Charity Ride

On the Podium at Wyco's Revenge
second year running
Jennifer has been riding mountain bikes since she was 16, when her dad used to take her for rides at Landahl, Smithville Lake, and Minor Park. She started riding with groups and traveling to races for fun.  It wasn't until she really got to know Heather Jordan and the folks at The Wheel many years (and two kids later) that she swung a leg over a road bike and was hooked! Jen worked at the Wheel for over 5 years, and now leads group road rides, and helps with the shop events and the Liv program.

Jen is a Category 3 Road and Criterium Racer, and a Category 2 Mountain Bike racer. Like most adults (and parents) she struggles to balance training time with parenting and work, and still have fun! You can ride with Jen 3 days a week, or meet her dad, Darrell, who helps out with the rides Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday at 6. She also helps Heather with several clinics and other events- including the the women's program- Hellcat Racing.

HellCat Ladies at Tour of Nevada

Jen has had the honor of being selected as a Liv/Giant Brand Ambassador for 2014 and 2015. She'll be working with Heather and The Wheel Cyclery on events that promote women's cycling in Kansas City, and helping to create an inclusive community for women to learn about cycling and grow as an athlete. Part of that plan is coming together with the development of HellCats Racing, an inclusive All-Women's Cycling club and race team. The Hellcats has been the brainchild of Heather for many years, so we are very excited to see these two ladies put this group together for the women of Kansas City!

Gateway Cup 2014

Racing at Gateway Cup- 2013