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Monday, March 9, 2015

Building Better Athletes 3 Week Training Series


3 Class Cross Training Series 
3 Saturday Workshops in April
This series is perfect for athletes of all levels! Learn great training techniques for cross-training and offseason training to become a stronger, more injury free cyclist, and hit the ground running come spring time! Please allow 2 hours for each class
$20 per class,  or $45 for all 3 classes if you register in advance.

Winter and spring are the perfect time to work out the muscular imbalances that can leave cyclists and runners injury prone. In this class we’ll focus on exercises that make will make you a stronger cyclist (or runner), including core and upper body strengthening, and power and explosiveness for your lower body, along with stability for your entire body. Wear workout clothes and running shoes. Bring a water bottle and a small towel.
This class expands on the teachings in Heather’s trigger point classes, and really fine tunes some of the techniques that are especially helpful for cyclists and runners. Overly tight fascia can encapsulate muscles and be a source of pain and injury- trigger point helps to break up fascia so muscles can glide and contract without pain and tightness! Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a yoga mat if you have one.
HIIT for cyclists -power and endurance. This class builds on the workout in P2, but adds more intensity and explosiveness to scorch calories and add power and muscular endurance. Wear workout clothes and running shoes. Bring a small towel and water.

Classes held at The Wheel Yoga Studio
64th and Antioch—Gladstone, Mo—816-455-2453

Visit www.thewheelcyclery.com for updates and registration

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