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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Froze Toes 2014

My first race of the year is finally in the books. Froze Toes 2014 lived up to its reputation, with a temp of just 25 degrees at the start line at 9 am. Ladies, it was cold, grey, breezy, and it even snowed tiny little snowflakes of hell! I was so glad I had Heather’s gloves and warm vest, but even with all that it still took about 7-8 miles before I could feel my fingers. Suprisingly, even with the cold we had a really great group of women turn out for the race, which I was very grateful for because it meant more shelter from the wind and cold.
     The women's field was larger than any of the other fields up to that point. Most of the other gals must have been thinking what I was about the cold, because we rode most of the race as a peleton rather than a paceline. The pace was pretty easy for the first half, we were all still getting warmed up, and everyone was chatting and getting to know each other, or catching up (it’s not always like that- sometimes you are pegged right from the start line!). This course was pretty flat, but some of the road was a little rough, so everyone had their eyes out for the deep holes and cracks that can cause a flat if you hit them too hard. I was glad I had stuck with my winter/training tires, Maxxis Detonators. Once we hit the halfway point we turned so that the wind was finally at our back, and the pace REALLY picked up! I think we averaged a little over 19mph on the second half of the race, which is saying something because that is the hilly part of the course.
       As we took the final turn at the end of the race, our tailwind turned to a crosswind. You could tell most of us were getting pretty tired. I know I was, the pace and the hills were really beginning to make themselves felt in my legs! The girls from Balanced were preparing to set their girl up for the sprint, and we had a very strong young Cat 2 in our field that I was keeping an eye on as well. The Velo Force girls were working hard to keep the keep the pace high and running the paceline tight to the yellow line to discourage an early attack. As we came up the final hill, you could see the finish line at the top and the girls started to attack. It was a tough go, but not very many girls had the horsepower to sprint up a hill like that after 30+ miles of hills and wind and cold at a 17+mph average. In the end, a strong Cat 2 from Texas named Kayla Sterling won by a huge gap. Lisa Glad, from Velo Force put out a very strong sprint to nab second by several bike lengths, and I held on to get third, with the rest of the field nipping at my heals! All in all, I was really glad I decided to give this race a go, and really happy with results. I'm looking forward to the 2014 season and seeing what the team can do this year!

Why are podium pics never flattering????


Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gearing Up!

Calling all race team members! Are you ready to roll??

Next weekend, February 23rd is the first MOBRA road race of the year, Froze Toes. Are you ready? For me the first race of the year is almost a practice run for the rest of the year. See where the gaps are, make sure the equipment is ready to go, how has your training and nutrition been, how are you looking in comparison to some of your competition. Spring races are also good events for anyone who has never raced before because the fields are typically really small. Froze Toes is especially nice because the fields are small, Columbia isn't too far away, and the course is really pretty flat. This is a road race, with a 31 mile course. Some of the guys are more familiar with course, and have done it before, but it will be new to me.

 I usually run a nicer, lighter weight tire in the summer than I do in the spring, but for this I will probably just run the tires that I have been training on in case the roads have sand or salt (a very likely possibility). I'll bring my nutrition (2 hammer gels, clif shot bloks, etc) too. I always bring more than I need, because its much better to have it and not need it than to be really wanting a boost and not have a damn thing you can do about it because you left your favorite flavor of gel at home, or worse, you have to buy a brand that you aren't used to. I might run the Powertap wheel that I have been renting from the shop, just to have the data to look at after the fact. It's a little heavier than my R-Sys SL wheel set, but hey, this time of year my whole body is a little heavier!

The drive to Columbia is a little under 2 hours, and the races start at 9 am, so the caravan will roll out from The Wheel at 6am. If enough people are interested, we can drive the van. Let me know this week if you are interested! If you are planning to race, I highly recommend that you get on USACycling.org and renew your license online this week, and print off your "authorization to ride" form.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

2014- Year of the HellCat!

2014- Year of the HellCat!- Heather has been kicking around the idea of a women's team for a few years now. It's been the topic of many sunny weather ride, or afternoon coffee break, or evening beer. It's an idea that has grown and begun to take shape this spring into what will become Kansas City's premier women's cycling group--a place for women of all abilities and levels to ride in an environment of support and encouragement with other women like themselves. We want to help you reach your goals, whether they be riding the MS150, Tulsa Tough GranFondo, your first 20 miles ride, riding off-road, your first road or criterium race, or faster bike times in a triathlon. When you get together with others that have the same goals as you, or know how to reach those goals, then anything is achievable!

It Sounds GREAT, right?? So what do you do next?

Hell Cat Racing- Recruitment meeting- Thursday February 13, 2014 @7pm- 

The Wheel Cyclery
6403 N Prospect Ave
Gladstone, MO 64119
Women spend their entire lives doing things for the people around them. We cook for our families and friends, we are team players in the workplace, we provide care for loved ones and pets, and we wash dirty laundry that isn’t our own. Women are doers, caretakers, providers. Women are strong, capable, awesome beings! This team is about celebrating you, in a supporting environment of women, who like you, are short on time and find it hard to do things for themselves. You don’t need to be a racer to be on the team, every woman is welcome and wanted. Come to our informative meet and greet this Thursday, February 13, 2014 at 7pm to find out more about the HellCats, jersey order, upcoming rides and events, and meet your fellow HellCats! Bring along any ladies that would like to have fun on their bike and get involved with a great group of women!