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Thursday, January 30, 2014

2014- the most awesome year yet!

Can I just start by saying HOW FREAKING EXCITED I AM to be racing for The Wheel this year?! Just, wow. So many great things are happening this year for the team and the shop and especially for women in cycling (but more on that later). To get to be a part of that is just amazing, and I feel so excited and privileged to get to work in that environment with people who are just as excited as I am! Spring is just around the corner, and we have been very busy at the shop building a great summer of riding for you.

One of the things we are working on the 2014 shop kits. These high quality jersey's and shorts will be available for purchase by any of our customers, MS team riders, and club and race team team members. The design will be similar to previous years so that your new jerseys will still look good with your older team shorts and vise-versa. Within the next week we will be taking pre-orders for the team kits. Pre-ordering your 2014 kit ensures you the best price and guarantees that we will get everything you need! It can be hard to estimate demand for certain sizes and products- so don't get stuck without your shirt on, so to speak. Once the order comes in, prices for the inventory that hasn't been paid for will increase. For example, you can pre-order your jersey for $65, but if you wait to purchase a jersey then the price will be $75 (just throwing out a number for example, but you get the picture). The early bird gets the best deal! We will also offer a women's specific jersey with a unique design, and long sleeve jerseys will be an option for this year as well. If you know of a company who may be interested in a sponsorship opportunity, please contact Jennifer@thewheelcyclery.com

Another thing we are working on is increasing the membership in our clubs. Did you know that The Wheel has MS150 Team? Our club members hear about special events and sales, new products, special group rides, training rides, and more. You can ride the MS150 with us, or just do our group rides, or any thing in between. The choice is up to you, but we will be glad to have you! What do we expect of our club members?

  • Club members have a shop jersey and wear it when they do organized rides
  • Club members are courteous to other riders when they come across them. Say Hi!
  • Club members follow the rules of the road (or the trail) and in doing so are good ambassadors of the sport and our shop.
 If you or a friend or family member is interested, please get in contact with us. Our goal is 100 members for 2014 so join us on the road or trail this year!

Okay I saved the coolest things for last. BRAND NEW FOR 2014 -Calling all women! We are looking for women cyclists of all levels to join our women's group, Hellcats Racing. The Wheel has a long history of supporting women athletes by offering products and services that fit their needs long before it was the cool thing to do. This year we are continuing that tradition in a whole new way by creating a community of women who ride and train together, whether it is for recreation or competition. With a focus on fun and camaraderie, you can't help but have a good time! Also, you can get an extremely cool Hellcats Racing jersey. If you have an interest in riding with some really cool women, you enjoy riding on-road or off-road, then this is for you! We'll have ladies only rides and clinics, as well as other get-togethers.  I would also like to find a couple women who have some interest in racing, to do some faster training rides, and work with them to give them the skills and confidence to try out racing. Racing is really fun, and you never know what you are capable of until you give it a try! Stay tuned for info about an informative meeting/get-together. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Summer Mountain Bike Race Schedule, Spring Motivation, and the Dark Days of Winter!

    UGH. It's that awkward time of year. It's still pretty dang cold. And it gets dark so early you are riding in the dark if you don't get started by 1. But lets be honest, I'm getting a little bit irritated at my trainer. I feel like it is throwing me dirty looks from the corner of the living room when I try to sneak past it. And it is getting easier to come up with excuses to skip or shorten a ride! I know if I start slacking now it will undo all of the hard work I've done so far, and the last thing I want is to have to start all over from ground zero this spring, but I need a little extra motivation to keep going. But what do you do when it's crappy out and couch is calling and your hind-end is sick of lycra?

I like a to count on my competitive spirit during these still dark days. Now is a good time, because there are enough nice days, you can start to see that winter won't last FOREVER. Before you know it the group rides will be starting again, and you'll be chasing your frenemies up your favorite hill. When that day comes, will you be glad you kept up the work over the winter, or will you be wishing you had??? A little friendly competition can be a powerful motivator. But you don't neccisarily have to wait till spring to race your friends. Why not wager a friendly bet over who can log the most miles in a week? Or who can ride the most days in a week? A friend bet me a set of race tires that I wouldn't hit my goal of 4,000 miles by midnight New Years Eve, and when the going got tough, the thought of new gear kept me going!
Casting an eye to the spring and summer races can help you keep your eye on the prize too. This time of year I like to get out a calendar and start mapping out some of the events that I want to do. There are always some events that are on my must-race list. Some because they are a good tune-up, and they let you know where they stand. Other events are so fun that racing them has become a tradition for me! I love mountain bike races for this reason. There's no way to describe the atmosphere at a mountain bike race. It's somehow both exhilerating and exhausting. If you've never tried racing your mountain bike, I would highly recommend it! The atmosphere is fun and laid back, and you can take it as seriously as you want to.

There are some very cool new things on the horizon for some of my favorite races, and things are beginning to shape up for a great off-road season! Heather is working with Chris Locke from Cow Town Cycling to make some of our favorite events bigger and better than ever.
Starting with God's Country and continuing through the summer- we've got your race sschedule figured out. We'll get these details hammered out and fill you in as we work things out- but trust me, this is the year to try your hand at racing your mountain bike! And if thinking about all of this doesn't keep you excited about your bike, I don't know what will!!!

2014 Mountain Bike Event Dates

Join us for some fat tire fun in 2014.

God's Country Fat Tire Festival
Lawrence River Trails
Lawrence, KS

Bone Bender Mountain Bike Challenge
Clinton Lake State Park
Lawrence, KS

God's Country Mountain Bike Classic/
2014 Kansas State MTB Championships
Lawrence River Trails
Lawrence, KS

Masons Midsummer Meltdown
Wyandotte County Lake Park
Kansas City, KS

Wyco's Revenge
Wyandotte Count Lake Park
Kansas City, KS