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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Resistance Flexibility Workshop

There comes a time when all athletes develop stiffness, tightness, or injuries. This is especially common among athletes who specialize- as repetitive movements can create imbalances and areas of tightness or inflammation pull the body out of alignment. Eventually this can lead to overuse injuries that can sidetrack your progress, or worse, sideline you completely. A comprehensive stretching program can be an asset to any athlete's training program by helping to prevent injury and diversifying the workload on the muscles.
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at The Wheel Yoga Studio

Resistance Flexibility Training for Athletes:

16 Essential Stretches

Saturday, October 18

1:00-3:00 p.m.
$30.00 workshop fee
with Linda Yameen CYI

In this introductory workshop we will focus on 16 essential stretches based on Bob Cooley’s work in The Genius of Flexibility. His program, RFT or Cooley Yoga is used by athletes from all over the world to enhance performance. Specifically we will-
* practice 8 upper body and 8 lower body stretches 
*learn a specific energy flow that affects all the major muscles groups in the body
* discover which organs are affected in the flow according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

5 Truths About Stretching

-everyone can become more flexible
- stretching is not about the muscles, but about stripping 
the excess fascia from the body
-muscles don’t stretch the way most people believe they 
do; you must continuously contract the muscle while
lengthening it
- stretching is one of the most effective self help preventive
-stretching can be an exercise that gives you the vigorous workout that you need

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