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Monday, August 4, 2014

The Wheel Cyclery and Hellcat Racing- Your Official Sponsors of Wyco's Revenge Night MTB Race

Summer is in full swing and this has been a very fun and exciting cycling season! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up your team jersey, don’t worry! There are still a few in stock, as well as shorts to match if you want to go full team-bling! People love seeing the jerseys and we’ve gotten quite a few compliments on them so thank you for representing and supporting our shop and teams. 
The Ladies at Hellcat Racing have had a lot of fun in our race training program, the girls have come such a long way. They hellcat truman cupare more comfortable and confident, stronger, faster, and handling their bikes better than ever. Toni and Heidi have done two races so far, and have done really well. Now we are looking at the late-season calendar to find their next target race. If you would like to try racing, don’t be shy! Let us know and we can help get you prepared and pick out an event. As we continue to grow this program we will continue looking for athletes that enjoy a challenge, are good ambassadors of the sport, and that are looking to learn and grow as cyclists. if you know of a woman (or young woman) who would be right for this program, please let us know!

For the last several years, The Wheel Cyclery has partnered with Cowtown Cycling to promote several of the area's best mountain bike races. These events help to bring cyclists to the Kansas City region, and draw great attention to the wonderful trail work that is being done here, especially at Wyandotte County Lake, where the Trail Masons are adding more beautiful new trails each year. As many of you know, these events are capable only through the hard work of many volunteers, devoted cyclists, and promoters committed to putting these events on. Volunteers mark the courses, help with registration, and scoring, and clean-up, and so much more behind-the-scenes  work that you might not notice if you've never volunteered for an event like this. Volunteers are the the smiling faces that answer your questions and help make sure your event goes smoothly, you get a snack to eat, and your results are recorded correctly! Next time you are at a race, thank the volunteers you see, and if you've never tried volunteering before, give it a try. It gives you a whole new appreciation for the events that you do.

Our final event for the 2015 mountain bike season is the Annual Wyco's Revenge, held at the beautiful Wyandotte County Lake Trails. What makes this event unique is the 6 pm start time, meaning that while the race starts in the daylight many racers will be racing into the night! There is a race option for most every level, as well as a team option. If you just want to enjoy the party we are still looking for a few good volunteers- contact the The Wheel Cyclery @ info@thewheelcyclery.com
The ladies of Hellcat Racing a very exciting opportunity next weekend (Saturday August 9th 5p-10p) to be one of the sponsors of Wyco’s Revenge Mountain Bike Race. As a registered club and race team, USACycling requires us to promote/sponsor at least one cycling event per year, whether that be WycosRev2013--245-X3a road race, mountain bike race, or charity ride. Doing so allows us to have our club events, rides and clinics insured, and any racers can have our team name on their license. We've arranged for The Hellcats to support the Wyco’s Revenge mountain bike race in cooperation with The Wheel Racing and another sponsor by providing food for the racers that evening! We’ll have a planning meeting after the Monday night ride (7:45p, Aug 4th) to discuss details and coordinate volunteers. We’d like to have a taco bar, so we need 2-3 people to man the food tent, Heather and I will cook the majority of the food beforehand. If you can’t attend the race you could still help by baking a big batch of brownies or cookies, or making guacamole, or something like that, just to give a few ideas.
This is a great opportunity to spread some awareness about our groups, reach out to more riders, and build our notoriety as a club- plus it will be a lot of fun- so I hope you will join us and help us with this fun event!


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  2. Throughout the previous quite a while, The Wheel Cyclery has banded together with Cowtown Cycling to advance a few of the zone's best mountain bicycle races.

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  4. For the last several years, The Wheel Cyclery has partnered with Cowtown Cycling to promote several of the area's best mountain bike races.Nelson