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Monday, May 31, 2010

Quad Cities

Been there, done that...heading home!  Great weekend for racing!

Tom A. kicked the weekend off with the Burlington Road Race on Friday...great afternoon of racing. He finished upright! Not everyone could say that.  John W. and Tom H. were the only two to dare the SNAKE!  Dan bought a new camera for the event..which means we will have some pictures posted from the weekend.

Sunday brought us Melon City at Weed Park in Muscatine. John, Tom A. and Matt raced in the Cat. 4.  Dan, Ryan, Fred and Tom raced the Cat. 3. The air was thick and in the mid 90's. Hopefully, this will get everyone acclimated for TT next weekend. (Sat. forecast is close to 100) The good news is everyone finished upright.  We headed to our yearly visit to the Button Factory..good thing Kim called to only find out that they close at 3p. So, change of plans. Onto Davenport to find the Fairfield Inn and Olive Garden for the carbo load for Monday!  The guys would be doubling up back to back races.

Monday started a little soggy...worried we would have a repeat of last year.  Rain! We found a great parking spot right on the center of the figure eight! good photo ops! Even better we didn't have to tote everything a bizzillion miles away.  The Cat. 4's started the day off right. They averaged 26 and finished with the pack. Then they headed to the trainers for a cool down/warm up with some Recoverite..they would be doubling up and racing the Masters 30+ with Ryan, Fred, Dan and Tom.

Ryan, Fred, Dan and Tom raced the Cat. 3's. Ryan rocketed off the line at the start to get a 10 sec. gap with Dan slowing the pack down.  To bad it didn't last another 22 laps!  Ryan finished in 3rd, Tom in 25th with Fred and Dan just behind them. There was a crash on turn 1 on the last lap with Fred and Dan narrowly escaping. Whew!  The guys rolled in and the superior support crew cut off numbers, passed out Hammer Gel and reloaded water bottles.  The guys rolled directly to the start of the Masters 30+ for 24 more laps. There was alot of yellow and blue out there. Ryan finished 9th with Fred 20th and Dan 22nd.  

Then we went for another cup of coffee, loaded the van and hit the road. We detoured to a Mexican Restaurant and then headed out. All in all it was a great weekend, good racing and great company.