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Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
George S. Patton

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pedaling for Paws Event Revised

Our Pedaling for Paws Event this Saturday ..is still a go! Just a modified Version.  Check out the link to see what cool stuff will be happening throughout the day! You won't want to miss it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Fling #3

Week #3 started off with the Prologue time trial. The course was shortened because of some cabin constructions going on at Campground #1. This was to be my first go at a time trial, I have never done this before so I was not totally sure what to expect. I just knew that all those 5 , 10 and 15 minute efforts in spin class were going to be put to the test. I finished the course in 3 minutes 30 seconds to take 2ND place. I missed first place by just 2 seconds. All in all I was very happy with my ride and I gained valuable points in the series which made the 6 hour wait until my next race easier to handle. I ended up winning my Cat 5 race again this week, two in a row. I felt I rode a good smart race, with most of the field made up by one other team, I could see right off the start they had a plan. I just tried to keep myself from getting blocked in with no where to move. That meant I had to put myself out of the draft a few times and work a little harder at times when I did not want to, but all of the training as got me in pretty good shape. It all came down to the last turn, once we all got through the final turn, the sprint for the finish was on. I just put the hammer down and off I went crossing the line first. Feeling pretty good about how things are going. I am gaining more and more experience every race and looking forward to catting up. Thanks to everybody for the support. See ya next week.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring Fling #2

Made it through the first week of racing and now on to the second Spring Fling event. The weather was warmer so I was looking for a good day again. I only had one race to do today and that was my Cat 5. It was 9 laps or about 20 minutes. I started off good and just kind of rode around with the guys, on lap 5, there was a sprint for bonus points, I come off turn 4 not committed to go for the points but decided to go for it, I wound up 3rd on the sprint and come away with some points. There was now only 4 laps to go, so I dropped back in with the group to gather myself up and get some recovery time before things started to pick up again. On the last lap, I come around turn 4 in about 5th or 6th place. I put the hammer down with aout 250 meters left and went buy everybody. I won by a lenght or two. Wow.. my first crit win. Pretty awesome feeling. All the hard work is paying off. I look for things to really start to heat up at the next Spring Fling race. People are going to start racing for points. I am looking forward to the challenge. Stay tuned to see how I do.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Fling #1 2/27/10

Wow, my first blog, not really sure how to start this off but here we go. First of all, lets go over the Grandpa nickname. My good friend Sam decided on this name because I have "some" gray hair and I am a little bit older than she is. Alright, maybe more than a little bit, but let's leave it there. Saturday 2/27/10, the long awaited opening day to the race season. I had originally just thought on doing the the cat 5 35 and over race, (there's my age showing) but Dan, that would be Dan Jordan, told me I should also do the masters race. I will admit I was pretty nervous at the start. I have been training pretty hard and trying to do the right things to prepare, but the nerves were still there. My main concern was just not to do anything wrong. You see, back in Feb of 08, I was racing the Froze Toes race and wrecked. Busted my collar bone and was pretty banged up for awhile. Today was to be my first real race since then. I spent the second half of last year getting myself into better shape so I could at least be competitive. I have had a desire to do this bike racing thing and needed to be in the best shape possible. I owed that to myself and to my team. So the Masters race was going to be 40 minutes which turned into 15 laps I believe. I felt I rode pretty strong, my finish position won't show that, but I gained much needed experience and more important, I gained confidence in myself. All in all, it was a good race and I was happy. My second race of the day was the Cat 5 35 and over. This race was slated to start at 4:15pm so it was a bit warmer than the morning race. This race was only a 20 minute race which equaled 9 laps, course was about .8 of a mile. I lined up in the 3rd row back, not where I had wanted, but I knew there was plenty of passing room so I wasn't to concerned. With this only being a 9 lap race, I wasted no time in getting towards the front and by lap three, I was comfortable where I was, three or four back. By the time we took the bell lap, I was sitting about 8th or so and coming around the last turn heading for the line. When the sprint started, I was in 6th place and ended up picking off three of those guys to finish a close third. My first podium finish. I was flying high, all the training was paying off. Many thanks to Dan, Heather and everybody at The Wheel for the help and support. Oh yeah, I must also thank my Wife Brenda for being behind me this adventure, could not do this without her support. I love you B!!

2010 Froze Toes

The long awaited return to Columbia and Froze Toes. It was back here in 2008 that I wrecked and got busted up pretty good, enough to scare me and almost ended my short lived racing dream. I have been preparing for almost 8 months for this race, I wanted revenge!! It all actually started with my Brenda setting me up with a personal trainer, Jonathon Mack, back in June of 09. Jonathon and I talked for the first hour about what my goals were and then he set me straight on the nutrition aspect of training. This to me was the key, eating right along with the workouts took almost 40lbs off in six months and I have maintained this to date. Along with the PT, I started to ride the bike with a purpose again, not just going on a bike ride, but more serious rides trying to accomplish something. When the weather got cold and outside riding was not a option, it was time to hit the trainer. I got signed up into Dan Jordan's spin class in the fall and winter. We didn't just spin, Dan put us through punishing workouts, the kind of workouts that really made me not like the session, but I was glad I did when class was over. I just kept telling myself, "I will be better in the spring for doing this". On to the race. It was actually a pretty nice day out, temps in the 40's with a light wind out of the north, which meant a headwind on the finish. Nathan and I were racing together in the Cat 5 30 and over even group, 28 riders, 31 miles. For the first 15 miles, I stayed up towards the front sometimes taking my share at the front of the peloton. I felt pretty good, my legs were starting to get heavy by the midway point, leftover pain from Saturdays 2 races. About 16 or so miles in, the peloton split in two with 10 riders leaving the rest behind. I got caught in the second group and quickly decided I needed to so something or that was it. I slammed some Hammer Gel, drank some HEED and away I went, I had enough in me yet to bridge the gap, I just needed to get to back of the ten guys in front on me and then I could get some recovery time. I guess in a way I surprised myself because I was able to get to them. So now it was a group of eleven, with me being that eleventh rider. I took a look behind me and knew we had seen the last of the second group. With about 10 miles to go, I was still at the back getting as much rest as I could. All I was thinking was just hang on and I could wind up with a possible top 10. We made the turn for home so that meant about 4 miles to go, I was still sitting at the back, we got the the 1k sign and I was starting to look at who was going to go and more importantly, when they were going to go. Everybody stayed in a single file line and with about 500 meters to go, they left moved to the center of the lane. I seen a opening along the white line and just decided to go, the worse I was gonna do was finish 11th, so why not try something. I put the hammer down and just blew buy the group. There was a slight uphill rise in the road to the finish line and I felt myself slowing so I dropped a gear and picked up the cadence and pushed past the line. I just won the race, I could not believe it, I did it. I won. I can't thank The Wheel, Heather and Dan, my teammates and all of the people who come and hang out/ride with us. And of course Brenda, thanks for your support, you are the best. To win this race was a big deal to me, not only the revenge factor, but when my dad passed away this past October, I told him I would win a race for him. So dad, this ones for you. I love you and I miss you.